Handmade Mask Initiative

These are the pictures from Round 1 of CyberBORN’s mask drive. CyberBORN’s youth leaders made and distributed 200 masks as of April 23, 2020. Our goal is to distribute 1000 masks by August 2020 to help our healthcare workers and local retirement homes out during this pandemic. We have the power to make a change so let’s use it to benefit our communities. Please donate below to help reach our goal!

Special thanks to the following youth leaders for helping out with our first round of mask distribution!

Aadhya Arkalgud
Alekhya Bhupalam
Amy Guo
Anagha Nair
Apoorva Rao
Arya Thompson
Exia Williams
Hasvi Patel
Jenn Mende
Olivia Nillson
Ramya Reddy
Rhea Bharadwaj
Sharika Pillai
Shirley Lam
Sujena Sowmyanath
Vianna Quach
Vinita Karumuru

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