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S P O N S O R  A  C H I L D  T O D A Y

Make THE difference.

1. B E C O M E  A  S P O N S O R


Chandu Kokkiligadda is a teenage girl living in the rural parts of Southern Andra Pradesh, India. Sponsored 4 years ago by the Yenduri family, Chandu now lives in an orphanage that provides for her education, shelter, and food all for the price of just $35. With the help of World’s Children, this beautiful 13 year old girl has the chance to be more than what her parents could’ve ever provided her with. She is now studying in Repalle, India within an academic institution, chasing her dream of becoming a nurse.

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For as little as $35 a month, you can help a young girl receive the education, shelter, food, and water that she desperately needs. If you sponsor through Nike, Microsoft or Intel, it costs only $17.50 a month to sponsor a child. This is also a tax-deductible sponsorship. Start today and empower children so they too can have a better future.

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